Friday, December 19, 2008

Yule Incense

When the Black Hat Society came over to my place for a Yule celebration, we made a Yule incense together. I had diligently looked up recipes for Yule, and had a pretty solid recipe (made up of 9 ingredients, as per the Risting Tradition). However, when I opened the choosing of herbs to the members, they all had something different in mind.

I went with it.

Even though I burned the Yule incense we made that day while I decorated my Christmas tree, I felt I needed more. Well, not more as in quantity; more as in a blend that contained exactly what I wanted and thought should be in it. So I made up another one.

Yule Incense

Base: White Oak Bark for luck
Life: Frankincense, for spiritual growth and to represent the birth of Christ
Death: Mistletoe, to banish evil
Birth: Cedar, for money
Repose: Blessed Thistle, a sacred herb and used to call in spiritual help in my home.
Awaken: Cloves, riches
Shield: Rosemary, for protection
Blending: Peppermint, for purification (and the fact that Peppermint pretty much goes with everything).
Focus: Sage, for wishes and focus of intent.

I burned some of the incense on "Mini Yule," a day marked on one of my mailing lists. Did I notice a difference between the BHS incense and my own? I did. It was subtle, but I think the difference didn't lie entirely with the ingredient mix; I think it was borne from the fact that I made it on my own, therefore there it had a different energy and intent.

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