Sunday, February 22, 2009

Candle Magic

Candle magic is my preferred method of spellwork. I've had more success with magic when I use candles than with any other type of tools. I'm not quite sure why that is - perhaps because of my Christian background. As candles are used in all sorts of religions for all sorts of purposes, the use of candles as a spiritual tool is not foreign to me.

This week, I discovered a book I bought ages ago stuffed in a box labeled simply "Magic books." That book is Practical Candleburning Rituals: Spells and Rituals for Every Purpose by Raymond Buckland.

Buckland's book outlines several different spells, and each has a Christian method of performance along with a Pagan-method of performance. This appealed to my Christian senses - candle magic for Christians? Why the hell not?

I picked out a spell to perform, and actually ended up choosing the Pagan method of application. The aspect I like best about the spell is that it is not finished in a day. I will have to continue to reignite this spell over a course of time. This appeals to me as the end result is something that would naturally take some time to happen - it's not anything I would expect to happen overnight. In this aspect, it makes sense to me that the spell to cause the end result would also need time and attention.

And you know, maybe that's why candle magic and I get along so well - I understand the energy of candles and I love the ritual of candle work. Candles have always represented magic and spirituality to me. No wonder it works for me.

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