Monday, September 14, 2009

New Wand

The Wand Lady (as I call her) had a booth set up at Pagan Pride Day, held this year at Deer Park in Sparks. She is usually at the psychic fair, but wasn't at the last one. She has the most beautiful wands I've ever seen. She makes them out of wood, and some just out of crystals.

This was the first time I've ever seen her offer low priced wands. The lower priced wands were all woods, wire wrapped (most in copper) with a quartz crystal at the end. They all had different crystals at the bottoms.

I found two three that I was torn between: an oak moss wand, a redwood wand and a madrone wand. I was fascinated with the oak moss wand, but after holding it realized that the moss chafed off every time it was held. I wasn't sure I would be happy if the moss part, which gave the wand a mysterious and powerful look, were to disappear after several uses.

The redwood wand captured my attention because I'm from California, where redwoods abound. And the Wand Lady picked up all these wood pieces in the Santa Cruz mountains - an area that I love. Redwoods are ancient trees, and I felt that the wand could be quite powerful.

However, when I held the madrone wand, my friend Claire said from her standpoint, it fit me like a glove. She said the color matched my hair, and it does.

I picked each wand up in my left hand. It is not my dominant hand, so I figured (rightly or wrongly) that whatever came through would be the wands' strengths. Each felt good, so it didn't help me out as much as I hoped.

In the end, I went with the madrone wand, which has rhyolite at the end. Rhyolite promotes change, diversity and progress - all the aspects I need in my life right now. And for $10, how could I pass it up?

Today I sat down and talked with the spirit of the wand. I asked it what it could do for me. It showed me a picture of it squeezing through fences and barriers. I took it to mean that it could cause change where I thought none could happen.

I then asked it couldn't do. The word "hate" floated before my eyes. It let me know that it could not be used for curses or bindings.

When I asked what it looked like, a translucent image of a wizened old man floated before me. That made perfect sense to me; the property of translucence could get through barriers, and the wise part knows no good comes of hate.

After my session with the wand ended, I placed it on my work shelf next to my copper wand. I can't wait to use it.

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