Saturday, August 29, 2009

Unintended Consequences

Magic quite frequently has unintended consequences. You know, those little life details that accompany the fruits of your labor. Conjure up a phone call from a lover, and you will get it - but perhaps he's calling to tell you he's canceling your date or found a new lover. As the saying goes, "Be careful what you pray for; you might just get it."

I knew I wanted to try poppet magic, and I had just the target. My problem: I had no intimacy with the target. I only know her to exist, and to be a thorn in my side when it came to my significant other. I didn't know what she looked like. I didn't have a picture of her. No taglocks to speak of. So how do I construct a poppet to torment her?

I lucked out - I obtained a pullover of hers. Soon after, she did something out of jealousy that affected me, so I felt the time was right. And it was: as luck would have it, it was during a waning moon. I pulled out the piece of clothing and got to work.

If you haven't made a poppet before, it's labor intensive work. Because I felt that could be the case, I enclosed my space within a magical circle. I gathered my supplies, and got down to business.

Stuffing each cavity takes thought. What to stuff in the cavity? What will yield the most reward? It was both fun and challenging to find ingredients and items to place in the cavities. Fun? Yes. I know in this particular case, the magic wasn't, as some would say, "white." But yes, it certainly was fun.

After the activation ceremony, I placed the poppet on my altar and began working with it daily. At some point in time, I didn't feel the need to work with it every day - but once in awhile I would feel the need to "prompt" it again.

Yesterday I received a call - did I, by any chance, have a red pullover in my possession? Danielle sent her boyfriend over to get it.

Um. Huh?

Well, duh. Of course. Girlfriend's clothes were all high end: Ann Taylor. Banana Republic. The Loft. The pullover? From Wal-Mart. I should have known.

But... and here's where the unintended consequences come in... it worked. Anyway. You see, the owner of the pullover was the cause of the most recent jealous reaction. It was because of her that Girlfriend went over the edge. Had a snit fit. Put Ex-Boyfriend through the ringer.

Bwahahahahaaaaa.... sometimes I just love magic, unintended consequences or not!

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