Saturday, August 23, 2008

Left Out

Right now, our Thursday night class has one instructor and seven classmates. The instructor and two of our classmates are in a coven together. They often talk about some of the things they've done together, never seeming to be aware that the rest of us might feel left out.

At this week's class, J stated that five of us met to celebrate the full moon. One classmate was visibly upset, and stated she felt left out. JurNee said it wasn't meant to be exclusionary; that they were part of a coven and we fully expected that as such, they would have celebrated the full moon together. It turns out (supposedly) that they haven't met in ages.

After class, a few of us discussed whether or not we should invite them to the next ritual. J immediately said that he didn't think so; that he really liked our energy as a whole, and felt that the new mix would change that. Unfortunately, I wasn't there to put in my two cents worth of drivel, however it does appear that we will continue to meet as five for now, as it's not our fault that their coven isn't meeting regularly.

Additionally, our instructor stated at the onset that one of the main functions of class was to practice magic with others, in hopes that we would form our own covens. So, if that was one of the main objectives, then why are they miffed that they weren't included in our works? After all, we've never been invited to be part of theirs. We're supposed to be okay with that... and I think we are. Funny, though, how us "lesser" witches are then supposed to be sure to include everyone in class in our own rituals.

It's weird how high school dynamics invade our life, even at this stage in our walk.

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