Saturday, August 23, 2008

Full Moon

On Saturday, five of us from the journey-level Risting class met to celebrate the full moon. This was our first time meeting together to create magic together.

We met at C & J's home in Northwest Reno. It was such a lovely in color, homey and cozy inside. I felt instantly at home (after being served a glass of wine!), and settled in for some talk before K arrived.

We are all so diverse, and yet we share a strong, common ground. With the exception of K, young and vibrant, we all came to this path later in life. Some of us are still hiding it from our families. Some of us don't. And some of us just share what is relevant, and keep the rest for ourselves.

When darkness came, we went outside to C & J's magical garden. Thankfully, C had written out a ritual for us to perform together. We took bits from class (passing fire, water and salt) and incorporated bits from books in order to call in the directions, and to perform a few other elements we hadn't learned in class.

When the circle was cast and the wards put up, the ritual began. It was so nice and peaceful. The best part was when J lead us on a meditative journey. After our journeys, we shared our tales and then partook of cakes and ale (Squaw bread and wine) before the ants decided to dine on our feet.

We left shortly after closing the circle, as C & J normally hit the sheets at 9 p.m. Yet, even though I left their place on Saturday, I felt them with me all week long, as well as the magic of the ceremony.

We have decided to celebrate together more often, and so next on our schedule is Mabon. This time JurNee and myself will be putting the ritual together. The prospect of doing so is both scary and exciting...I'm a wallflower, so helping to direct the next ritual will force me onto the dance floor. Hopefully I won't pull an Elaine Bennis while I'm out there.

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